Sunday, December 30, 2007


Have you ever experienced major appliance failure at your home? What happened?

Well I can not say that I have experienced a major appliance failure before that I can remember. Though your appliance failure that you told the class about sounded pretty brutal. There is nothing like buying a brand new T.V., hooking all the cords and your game system, and then when you sit down to enjoy the T.V. it is broke.

Rudolf died. (Bulb burned out) Name his replacement.

There is no other name in the world that could replace Rudolf's. I would call the replacement reindeer Rudolf Jr. I would also do every thing in my power to make that reindeer just like the first Rudolf.

Favorite Christmas cookie?

Clark lets get serious I do not have a favorite cookie. I love all Cookies. I do not care what kind of cookie it is as long as it is homemade. Though if it was a life or death situation and they were getting rid of one cookie in the world. I would have to save the oatmeal raisin cookie.

What would you name a female calico cat?

Clark before I would name a cat I would have to see the feline. I would have to know its personality and what the cat likes to do such as sleep, get in trouble, etc. I named my cat Silvester because he looks like him.


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JT: 8/8

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