Friday, November 16, 2007


If you won the lottery. What do you buy first?

If I won the lottery the first thing I would buy would be Stonewall Jackson's jacket he had on when he was shot. I would first go to Lexington, Virginia at VMI were it is stored and asked for a price. Then after I bought it I would find the safest case to for it and then bought it.

Lottery winner which friends or family would get a chunk out of it?

I would first get everything I wanted then I would give a small portion to my parents. Then I would buy my pap a brand new house and some more money just because I am a nice guy. After that I would give a small portion to charity.

Will you still go to school and have a job?

Yes, I would still go to school and have a job. Because that money could either get stolen or run out. Education is very important to me and even if I had all the money in the world I would still go to school.

Lottery winner would you donate to charity? Which charity?

Yes, I would donate to charity. I would give money to a cancer agency to help find cures. I would also give money to children without a home.

Is it fair for all the clubs/organizations to give there money to go to the sports complex?

Yes, I strongly believe the money should go to the sports complex. Not just because I play sports for Keyser, but almost all money is raised by the sports for the school. Ecspecially football bringing the most money for the school.

Speed Limits reasonable?

I believe that most speed limits are reasonable. I think some place should be increase in certain places. Though I understand that they just want to keep us safe.

Whats on the top of your Christmas list?

Well to start this journal topic off the top thing is a gold chain. Now when I mean a gold chain I do not mean one that hangs down to my knees either. Something that is reasonable and nice looking.

Have you been naughty or nice?
I think I have been nice so far this year. You see I am a good boy I listen to my parents most the time. I recieve good grades and do my chores.

Whats the most essential menu item in a Thanksgiving dinner?
The most essential item besides turkey would have to be dressing. Dressing is my favorite side I would eat dressing over mashed potatos and fries.


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