Thursday, November 15, 2007


“If we could only stop tying to be happy we could have a pretty good time.”
This quote means that if people would stop acting fake about having a good time that they
would have good time by acting there normal selves. People in life try to hard to have a good
time by acting like someone that they are not just to make other people happy. If those people
out there in life do that they will never no who they really are, because they act fake to other
people and most important there selves.

One example of this quote that stands out the most in my life was when I first moved from
Fountain Elementary to Keyser Middle School. I would act different around specific students in
my class that were popular just so that I would be considered popular as a new student. I would
say I like I took interest in rap music and I watch certain shows. But actuality I was only being
fake and it was not till later in my middle school years that I knew to act myself and that people
would like me the way I am.

“Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm.”

The best definition I could think of for this quote would be that in order for one to have success
in there life they must be able to accept failure with no loss of enthusiasm. A person who fails at
something in life and gives up on what they love will have no success. On the other hand a
person who fails at something, but is determined to overcome that failure will succeed in life.
This is not the first time I have heard this quote before in my life because my parent’s, coach’s,
and teachers rehearse this quote with me all the time. My mom has always told me no matter
how much I fail at something as long as I continue to fight hard and keep my head up I will
eventually succeed. My coach’s have always preached this quote to me and the team that no
matter what happens on the football field to keep your composure. One of my favorite teacher’s
of all time taught me in eighth grade at the subject that I despise the most told me that if I could
continue to keep studying that I would succeed in her class no matter what test grades that I

“It’s a dangerous business going out the front door.”

This quote means that going outside you do not no what life’s challenges are going to be thrown
at you as individual. People take there life for granted sometimes and don’t really appreciate
what they have and been given. Because in life now anything can happen to anybody at anytime.

Out of all the quotes I have wrote this quote is my favorite because it is true. When people walk
outside they do not no what is in store for them. People do not no if they are going to be in a car
accident, or a family member is going die. An with the quote being true if shows one that life is
not perfect. One example was when I walked outside to go to school, I did not no that I was
going to step in dog crap it just goes to show you life is dangerous.

“Failure is not the only punishment for laziness: there is also the success of others.”

The definition I think that would best fit this quote is that people who are lazy in life is that
failure is only punishment for them, seeing other people they know succeed. I think sometimes
seeing people we know succeed in things we would like to go far in is worse punishment for
laziness. I have no sympathy for lazy people at all, even though occasionally I can be lazy.
Examples of this quote could go on forever. One example that I think best suits this quote is
when people are really lazy in school, do not do there work, and eventually they will fail there
grade. An when that one person fails there grade I think watching there friends graduate before
them can be a major impact on that person. As I said earlier in the paragraph I have no
sympathy at all for people who goof off in class, don’t come to school, and think school isn’t
important. I had one friend just like that and he turned into a drug head because he had no
parents and was heading down the wrong road.

“Education is what survives when what has been learned has been forgotten.”

I believe that this quote means that education stays with you forever after what you have
recently learned has been forgotten. Education is very important to have in this day of age. I
also think this quote is saying that some things in life that you forgot your education will help
you remember.

Education is very important in this day of age. If you do not have a proper education succeeding
in life can be difficult. Education nobody in the world can take away from you. Once you have it
it’s there. That’s why I enjoy studying history and knowing proper grammar because I know
that no one could ever steal that from me.



At November 29, 2007 at 1:48 PM , Blogger Clark said...

1. 3/5; 3/5 (s)
2. 5/5; 3/5 (s)
3. 4/5; 5/5
4. 4/5; 5/5
5. 3/5; 4/5



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