Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Jefferson Davis

Title: Jefferson Davis

Author: Allan Tate

Publication date: 1998

Page count: 311

Type: Biography

Started on: 11/5
Finished on:11/26

My grade: A+

1. Why did I decide to read this book?

The reason why I decided to read this book was because Jefferson Davis has always been sort of a mystery to me. It seemed to me what ever historical site I traveled to you heard about every solider in the Civil War except Jefferson Davis. I have studied the Civil War for quite a while. You hear a great deal of information about Jackson, Lee, and Stewart, but nothing about President Davis. It just shocks me that with Jefferson being the President of the Confederate States of America and not hearing about him with his powerful position in the Civil War. That is the main reason why I wanted to read this book was to solve that mystery I had about him and find interesting information about Jefferson Davis.

2. Who was the general subject of the book?

The general subject of this book was Jefferson Davis. I learned a great deal of information about Jefferson 's political history before and after the Civil War. As I was reading the book I found out after the Civil War Jefferson was charged for treason and was not eligible to run for political office. Jefferson was one of 10 children in his family formed by Samuel Emory Davis, his father, and his mother, Jane Cook. The book also stayed with only Jefferson Davis and his family and did not stroll off to other people that were acquainted with Jefferson Davis.

3. What were some of the key events in this person's life?

There were many key events in Mr. Davis's life. The one that every person in the nation knows him by was being the only President of the Confederate States of America. During his later years Davis was asked to be the first president of The Agriculture and Mechanical College of Texas, which is now Texas A and M University. Jefferson was captured after the war and was put in a prison Fortress Monroe, on the coast of Virginia. One miserable event that Davis went through was the death of his first wife Sarah Knox Taylor, and later married Varina Howell.

4. What was the most interesting thing I learned about this person? Why?

The most interesting thing that I learned about Jefferson Davis was how intelligent he really was. I always thought that Davis was not that intelligent, because of some of the battle plans that I have skimmed over that were horrible. This is why I wanted to do my book synopsis on Jefferson Davis, because now I know that he really was not dumb. The reason why Jefferson Davis was so intelligent was because, Davis was able to go to school and to college. What people do not no that back in those times most people did not have an education past eighth grade.

5. Overall, was the information presented in an interesting way?

Yes, I believe that the book presented the information in a perfect way. I liked how how the author spent equal time on each part of Jefferson Davis's life and did not spend all the time on the Civil War. I learned a great deal of information that I did not no about Jefferson Davis. I think the author could not have put together the information in any better way. I think for my next book I will try to find a book written by Allan Tate, because he did such a swell job on the book.

6. What is the significance of the book's title? Is the title appropriate, or would I change it to something else?

I think that the book title was alright and that the author could not have went wrong by calling the book, Jefferson Davis, since the is about Jefferson Davis. Though I think I would have put a little more spice into the title by calling the book either, The History of President Davis or Who was Jefferson Davis?. The reason why I would change the title is because, so many writers out there in our nation write biography's about certain people and play it safe by calling the book the person's name. I guess there was a significance of the book title since it was the name of the person the book was about, but that was all. I think that would be the only thing in my opinion that I would change about this book.

7. What is my opinion of this book? Why (give specifics)?

My opinion of this book was that it was a great biography with a great deal of information about the general subject of the book, Jefferson Davis. I liked how Allan Tate put all his information in the book by gradually flowing the information into each chapter. I think this book has been a the best biography I have read about a person. Other authors seem to focus on specific part of one persons life and continue writing only on that part. Where Allan Tate gives you a balance of all the information about Jefferson Davis


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Info box: 5/5
1. 5/5
2. 4/5
3. 5/5
4. 5/5
5. 5/5
6. 5/5
7. 5/5

Total: 39/40 (49/50)

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