Friday, December 7, 2007

Journals 11/26-12/7

11/26/07 Any adventures over break?

The adventure that I went through was meeting all of Goober's family on Thanksgiving. I will admit I was a little nervous, but mostly I think I was excited. When I meant the family and got to know them I was fine. They were about as funny as my family.

11/27/07 Is our society to sensitive

Yes, our society is way to sensitive. Everyone in our society takes everything to heart. It is pretty bad when people in our school get upset over a curse word in an educational book. The way I see it if the curse word offended that person they need to grow up and get used to it because that person will be hearing those words for the rest of their life. I also think that people try to find stuff in life to complain about and try to make a mountain out of a ant hill like the English literature conflict.

11/28/07 Should lit taught in high school be censored?

No, I do not think lit should be censored. Some of the best educational books have curse words in the book. Plus we are at the age we hear and use those words that we shouldn't so it is not like we haven't heard the curse words before.

11/29/07 How early is too early for Christmas decorations?

I think to early is before Thanksgiving. I think after Thanksgiving is an ideal time because it is after hunting season and it is not to cold. Though I know people who put there decorations up after Halloween.

12/4/07 Care to comment on this morning's wheather

This morning wheather was so bad it took my buddy and I 25 min. to get for 7 11 to the school. We almost got in a wreck making the turn up to the school. Truthfully I can't believe we had school today because the roads were horrible.

12/7/07 Do you perfer a white Christmas or would you rather experiance a warm winter.

I would much rather have snow on Christmas than it being 50 degrees on Christmas. I would have just enough snow to lay on the ground for a little bit. Then I would have it melt so that I could see my Goober on Christmas.


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