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General James Longstreet

Title: General James Longstreet
Author: Wert, Jeffry D.
Publication date: Dec. 1 1994
Page count:
Type: Biography
Started on:12/15
Finished on:12/30
My grade: B

1. Why did I decide to read this book?

The reason I decided to read this book was to find more information about General Longstreet. Longstreet has always been in the top five of my favorite Confederate generals of the Civil War. I wrote a report on Longstreet in the eighth grade and found a great deal of information about James. When I came across this book at the book store in Cumberland. I scanned through it and came across some interesting facts about James that I did not know and that is what lead me into reading this book.

2. Who was the general subject of the book?

The general subject of the book was James Longstreet "Old Pete". The book that Jeffry Wert wrote was quite a magnificent piece of literature. It gave me a great deal of facts that I did not no about Longstreet in the Mexican-American War and about his personal life. Jeffry Wert must have known loads of information about James and his family. Though sometimes in the book it tended to get of subject of who the book was really about. By giving a great number of facts about his family and friends that people would not necessary be interested in.

3. What were some of the key events in this person's life?

Well, the first key event was that James was born January 21, 1821 in Edge field District, South Carolina, also the first state to succeed from the Union. One fact that just blew my mind was that after the Civil War General Longstreet changed his party affiliation from a Democrat to a Republican. Which when the South heard of this change that Longstreet made they discontinued there loyalty towards Longstreet. Another interesting fact was in James's later years he married Helen Dortch in 1887. Helen out lived James Longstreet by 58 years and did not die until 1962

4. What was the most interesting thing I learned about this person? Why?

The most interesting thing that I learned about James Longstreet would be how incredibly "war smart" he was. Jeffrey Wert wrote in the book that he was the best corps commander on either North or South. Longstreet new what action to take in the heat of battle. Though some of his movements have been questioned. I think also with him working directly under General Robert Edward Lee helped him with making specific decisions.

5. Overall, was the information presented in an interesting way?

Yes and No, I believe all the information that Jeffry D. Wert put in his book was very interesting. Though I did not like the way he focused most of the book on Longstreet's war life. I believe that when you write a book about someone and the book does not specially say, "War Life" or something along that line the author should equally give information about the different parts of his/her life. But you could say that the author knew what he was talking about and put plenty of time in writing the book and for that I applaud him. That's why Jeffry's overall Grade was a plain B.

6. What is the significance of the book's title? Is the title appropriate, or would I change it to something else?

The significance of the book title was to tell the reader who the book was about in this case James Longstreet. It would be a toss up for me to say if it was appropriate or not. Yes, could be because the book is about Longstreet, but if the reader is not careful. One could read the book and want to know about his home life and end up reading the whole book and the author might only go over his war life, as in this book. If I could change this book I would call it The Old Work Horse's War Life.

7. What is my opinion of this book? Why (give specifics)?

My opinion of the book would be that it is a wonderful book to read if you are interested in the Civil War. The book, like I said a few paragraph's above, tends to get of the real subject of the book. Though I learned more about him then any book I have read or any site I have visited online. I think that it had more information about James's past and future after the Civil War it would have scored in A+. I think though with all seriousness that Jeffry D. Wert is an good author and I would recommend the book.



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