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General James Longstreet

Title: General James Longstreet
Author: Wert, Jeffry D.
Publication date: Dec. 1 1994
Page count:
Type: Biography
Started on:12/15
Finished on:12/30
My grade: B

1. Why did I decide to read this book?

The reason I decided to read this book was to find more information about General Longstreet. Longstreet has always been in the top five of my favorite Confederate generals of the Civil War. I wrote a report on Longstreet in the eighth grade and found a great deal of information about James. When I came across this book at the book store in Cumberland. I scanned through it and came across some interesting facts about James that I did not know and that is what lead me into reading this book.

2. Who was the general subject of the book?

The general subject of the book was James Longstreet "Old Pete". The book that Jeffry Wert wrote was quite a magnificent piece of literature. It gave me a great deal of facts that I did not no about Longstreet in the Mexican-American War and about his personal life. Jeffry Wert must have known loads of information about James and his family. Though sometimes in the book it tended to get of subject of who the book was really about. By giving a great number of facts about his family and friends that people would not necessary be interested in.

3. What were some of the key events in this person's life?

Well, the first key event was that James was born January 21, 1821 in Edge field District, South Carolina, also the first state to succeed from the Union. One fact that just blew my mind was that after the Civil War General Longstreet changed his party affiliation from a Democrat to a Republican. Which when the South heard of this change that Longstreet made they discontinued there loyalty towards Longstreet. Another interesting fact was in James's later years he married Helen Dortch in 1887. Helen out lived James Longstreet by 58 years and did not die until 1962

4. What was the most interesting thing I learned about this person? Why?

The most interesting thing that I learned about James Longstreet would be how incredibly "war smart" he was. Jeffrey Wert wrote in the book that he was the best corps commander on either North or South. Longstreet new what action to take in the heat of battle. Though some of his movements have been questioned. I think also with him working directly under General Robert Edward Lee helped him with making specific decisions.

5. Overall, was the information presented in an interesting way?

Yes and No, I believe all the information that Jeffry D. Wert put in his book was very interesting. Though I did not like the way he focused most of the book on Longstreet's war life. I believe that when you write a book about someone and the book does not specially say, "War Life" or something along that line the author should equally give information about the different parts of his/her life. But you could say that the author knew what he was talking about and put plenty of time in writing the book and for that I applaud him. That's why Jeffry's overall Grade was a plain B.

6. What is the significance of the book's title? Is the title appropriate, or would I change it to something else?

The significance of the book title was to tell the reader who the book was about in this case James Longstreet. It would be a toss up for me to say if it was appropriate or not. Yes, could be because the book is about Longstreet, but if the reader is not careful. One could read the book and want to know about his home life and end up reading the whole book and the author might only go over his war life, as in this book. If I could change this book I would call it The Old Work Horse's War Life.

7. What is my opinion of this book? Why (give specifics)?

My opinion of the book would be that it is a wonderful book to read if you are interested in the Civil War. The book, like I said a few paragraph's above, tends to get of the real subject of the book. Though I learned more about him then any book I have read or any site I have visited online. I think that it had more information about James's past and future after the Civil War it would have scored in A+. I think though with all seriousness that Jeffry D. Wert is an good author and I would recommend the book.



Have you ever experienced major appliance failure at your home? What happened?

Well I can not say that I have experienced a major appliance failure before that I can remember. Though your appliance failure that you told the class about sounded pretty brutal. There is nothing like buying a brand new T.V., hooking all the cords and your game system, and then when you sit down to enjoy the T.V. it is broke.

Rudolf died. (Bulb burned out) Name his replacement.

There is no other name in the world that could replace Rudolf's. I would call the replacement reindeer Rudolf Jr. I would also do every thing in my power to make that reindeer just like the first Rudolf.

Favorite Christmas cookie?

Clark lets get serious I do not have a favorite cookie. I love all Cookies. I do not care what kind of cookie it is as long as it is homemade. Though if it was a life or death situation and they were getting rid of one cookie in the world. I would have to save the oatmeal raisin cookie.

What would you name a female calico cat?

Clark before I would name a cat I would have to see the feline. I would have to know its personality and what the cat likes to do such as sleep, get in trouble, etc. I named my cat Silvester because he looks like him.

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Friday, December 7, 2007

Journals 11/26-12/7

11/26/07 Any adventures over break?

The adventure that I went through was meeting all of Goober's family on Thanksgiving. I will admit I was a little nervous, but mostly I think I was excited. When I meant the family and got to know them I was fine. They were about as funny as my family.

11/27/07 Is our society to sensitive

Yes, our society is way to sensitive. Everyone in our society takes everything to heart. It is pretty bad when people in our school get upset over a curse word in an educational book. The way I see it if the curse word offended that person they need to grow up and get used to it because that person will be hearing those words for the rest of their life. I also think that people try to find stuff in life to complain about and try to make a mountain out of a ant hill like the English literature conflict.

11/28/07 Should lit taught in high school be censored?

No, I do not think lit should be censored. Some of the best educational books have curse words in the book. Plus we are at the age we hear and use those words that we shouldn't so it is not like we haven't heard the curse words before.

11/29/07 How early is too early for Christmas decorations?

I think to early is before Thanksgiving. I think after Thanksgiving is an ideal time because it is after hunting season and it is not to cold. Though I know people who put there decorations up after Halloween.

12/4/07 Care to comment on this morning's wheather

This morning wheather was so bad it took my buddy and I 25 min. to get for 7 11 to the school. We almost got in a wreck making the turn up to the school. Truthfully I can't believe we had school today because the roads were horrible.

12/7/07 Do you perfer a white Christmas or would you rather experiance a warm winter.

I would much rather have snow on Christmas than it being 50 degrees on Christmas. I would have just enough snow to lay on the ground for a little bit. Then I would have it melt so that I could see my Goober on Christmas.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Jefferson Davis

Title: Jefferson Davis

Author: Allan Tate

Publication date: 1998

Page count: 311

Type: Biography

Started on: 11/5
Finished on:11/26

My grade: A+

1. Why did I decide to read this book?

The reason why I decided to read this book was because Jefferson Davis has always been sort of a mystery to me. It seemed to me what ever historical site I traveled to you heard about every solider in the Civil War except Jefferson Davis. I have studied the Civil War for quite a while. You hear a great deal of information about Jackson, Lee, and Stewart, but nothing about President Davis. It just shocks me that with Jefferson being the President of the Confederate States of America and not hearing about him with his powerful position in the Civil War. That is the main reason why I wanted to read this book was to solve that mystery I had about him and find interesting information about Jefferson Davis.

2. Who was the general subject of the book?

The general subject of this book was Jefferson Davis. I learned a great deal of information about Jefferson 's political history before and after the Civil War. As I was reading the book I found out after the Civil War Jefferson was charged for treason and was not eligible to run for political office. Jefferson was one of 10 children in his family formed by Samuel Emory Davis, his father, and his mother, Jane Cook. The book also stayed with only Jefferson Davis and his family and did not stroll off to other people that were acquainted with Jefferson Davis.

3. What were some of the key events in this person's life?

There were many key events in Mr. Davis's life. The one that every person in the nation knows him by was being the only President of the Confederate States of America. During his later years Davis was asked to be the first president of The Agriculture and Mechanical College of Texas, which is now Texas A and M University. Jefferson was captured after the war and was put in a prison Fortress Monroe, on the coast of Virginia. One miserable event that Davis went through was the death of his first wife Sarah Knox Taylor, and later married Varina Howell.

4. What was the most interesting thing I learned about this person? Why?

The most interesting thing that I learned about Jefferson Davis was how intelligent he really was. I always thought that Davis was not that intelligent, because of some of the battle plans that I have skimmed over that were horrible. This is why I wanted to do my book synopsis on Jefferson Davis, because now I know that he really was not dumb. The reason why Jefferson Davis was so intelligent was because, Davis was able to go to school and to college. What people do not no that back in those times most people did not have an education past eighth grade.

5. Overall, was the information presented in an interesting way?

Yes, I believe that the book presented the information in a perfect way. I liked how how the author spent equal time on each part of Jefferson Davis's life and did not spend all the time on the Civil War. I learned a great deal of information that I did not no about Jefferson Davis. I think the author could not have put together the information in any better way. I think for my next book I will try to find a book written by Allan Tate, because he did such a swell job on the book.

6. What is the significance of the book's title? Is the title appropriate, or would I change it to something else?

I think that the book title was alright and that the author could not have went wrong by calling the book, Jefferson Davis, since the is about Jefferson Davis. Though I think I would have put a little more spice into the title by calling the book either, The History of President Davis or Who was Jefferson Davis?. The reason why I would change the title is because, so many writers out there in our nation write biography's about certain people and play it safe by calling the book the person's name. I guess there was a significance of the book title since it was the name of the person the book was about, but that was all. I think that would be the only thing in my opinion that I would change about this book.

7. What is my opinion of this book? Why (give specifics)?

My opinion of this book was that it was a great biography with a great deal of information about the general subject of the book, Jefferson Davis. I liked how Allan Tate put all his information in the book by gradually flowing the information into each chapter. I think this book has been a the best biography I have read about a person. Other authors seem to focus on specific part of one persons life and continue writing only on that part. Where Allan Tate gives you a balance of all the information about Jefferson Davis

Friday, November 16, 2007


If you won the lottery. What do you buy first?

If I won the lottery the first thing I would buy would be Stonewall Jackson's jacket he had on when he was shot. I would first go to Lexington, Virginia at VMI were it is stored and asked for a price. Then after I bought it I would find the safest case to for it and then bought it.

Lottery winner which friends or family would get a chunk out of it?

I would first get everything I wanted then I would give a small portion to my parents. Then I would buy my pap a brand new house and some more money just because I am a nice guy. After that I would give a small portion to charity.

Will you still go to school and have a job?

Yes, I would still go to school and have a job. Because that money could either get stolen or run out. Education is very important to me and even if I had all the money in the world I would still go to school.

Lottery winner would you donate to charity? Which charity?

Yes, I would donate to charity. I would give money to a cancer agency to help find cures. I would also give money to children without a home.

Is it fair for all the clubs/organizations to give there money to go to the sports complex?

Yes, I strongly believe the money should go to the sports complex. Not just because I play sports for Keyser, but almost all money is raised by the sports for the school. Ecspecially football bringing the most money for the school.

Speed Limits reasonable?

I believe that most speed limits are reasonable. I think some place should be increase in certain places. Though I understand that they just want to keep us safe.

Whats on the top of your Christmas list?

Well to start this journal topic off the top thing is a gold chain. Now when I mean a gold chain I do not mean one that hangs down to my knees either. Something that is reasonable and nice looking.

Have you been naughty or nice?
I think I have been nice so far this year. You see I am a good boy I listen to my parents most the time. I recieve good grades and do my chores.

Whats the most essential menu item in a Thanksgiving dinner?
The most essential item besides turkey would have to be dressing. Dressing is my favorite side I would eat dressing over mashed potatos and fries.

Thursday, November 15, 2007


“If we could only stop tying to be happy we could have a pretty good time.”
This quote means that if people would stop acting fake about having a good time that they
would have good time by acting there normal selves. People in life try to hard to have a good
time by acting like someone that they are not just to make other people happy. If those people
out there in life do that they will never no who they really are, because they act fake to other
people and most important there selves.

One example of this quote that stands out the most in my life was when I first moved from
Fountain Elementary to Keyser Middle School. I would act different around specific students in
my class that were popular just so that I would be considered popular as a new student. I would
say I like I took interest in rap music and I watch certain shows. But actuality I was only being
fake and it was not till later in my middle school years that I knew to act myself and that people
would like me the way I am.

“Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm.”

The best definition I could think of for this quote would be that in order for one to have success
in there life they must be able to accept failure with no loss of enthusiasm. A person who fails at
something in life and gives up on what they love will have no success. On the other hand a
person who fails at something, but is determined to overcome that failure will succeed in life.
This is not the first time I have heard this quote before in my life because my parent’s, coach’s,
and teachers rehearse this quote with me all the time. My mom has always told me no matter
how much I fail at something as long as I continue to fight hard and keep my head up I will
eventually succeed. My coach’s have always preached this quote to me and the team that no
matter what happens on the football field to keep your composure. One of my favorite teacher’s
of all time taught me in eighth grade at the subject that I despise the most told me that if I could
continue to keep studying that I would succeed in her class no matter what test grades that I

“It’s a dangerous business going out the front door.”

This quote means that going outside you do not no what life’s challenges are going to be thrown
at you as individual. People take there life for granted sometimes and don’t really appreciate
what they have and been given. Because in life now anything can happen to anybody at anytime.

Out of all the quotes I have wrote this quote is my favorite because it is true. When people walk
outside they do not no what is in store for them. People do not no if they are going to be in a car
accident, or a family member is going die. An with the quote being true if shows one that life is
not perfect. One example was when I walked outside to go to school, I did not no that I was
going to step in dog crap it just goes to show you life is dangerous.

“Failure is not the only punishment for laziness: there is also the success of others.”

The definition I think that would best fit this quote is that people who are lazy in life is that
failure is only punishment for them, seeing other people they know succeed. I think sometimes
seeing people we know succeed in things we would like to go far in is worse punishment for
laziness. I have no sympathy for lazy people at all, even though occasionally I can be lazy.
Examples of this quote could go on forever. One example that I think best suits this quote is
when people are really lazy in school, do not do there work, and eventually they will fail there
grade. An when that one person fails there grade I think watching there friends graduate before
them can be a major impact on that person. As I said earlier in the paragraph I have no
sympathy at all for people who goof off in class, don’t come to school, and think school isn’t
important. I had one friend just like that and he turned into a drug head because he had no
parents and was heading down the wrong road.

“Education is what survives when what has been learned has been forgotten.”

I believe that this quote means that education stays with you forever after what you have
recently learned has been forgotten. Education is very important to have in this day of age. I
also think this quote is saying that some things in life that you forgot your education will help
you remember.

Education is very important in this day of age. If you do not have a proper education succeeding
in life can be difficult. Education nobody in the world can take away from you. Once you have it
it’s there. That’s why I enjoy studying history and knowing proper grammar because I know
that no one could ever steal that from me.